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Technology for You!® is a West Los Angeles based company serving communities for 20 years.  We support and provide complete hardware and software solutions for all consumer-electronics, whether computers and wireless routers, or home-entertainment systems and personal gadgets. We can integrate the technologies together and educate you on how to use them. We can setup your smartphone to broadcast music everywhere in your home, for example. Or we can blanket your home with WiFi at incredible speeds.  We do it all!


Quality Service

Technology for You!® delivers a wide range of services and support in the ever growing digital world, all of which are provided on-site, in the convenience of your home or office.


Exclusive Consulting

• Computer and consumer-electronics consulting - Find the best technology that is best for you! • Computer and consumer-electronics training - Learn all about your technology! • We can sell you most computers, peripherals, and electronics, deliver and set them up in your home or office.


Quality Support

Complete computer support - Network, install, troubleshoot, purchase, upgrade, maintain and remote access.



iPad and other personal gadgets sales, installation and training. • And much more...We handle anything